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About Heel 2 Toes

I am excited to introduce you to Heel 2 Toes Foot Care Ltd.

My business began its life as V.Jeavons Mobile Foot Clinic. High demand has initiated our expansion and rebrand to Heel 2 Toes. I have now welcomed my Daughter, also a Foot Health Practitioner in to the company to continue our mission to provide high quality Mobile Foot Care to those in our local area.


Picture of Vicky Jeavons

My Foot Health Mission

To create healthier and happier feet for all of the community, everyone of all ages and walks of life.I believe in treating everyone as I myself and my family would wish to be treated.
Feet are often under-rated and over worked. I'm here to help create more of a balance by offering a range of treatments, in the comfort and convenience of your own home.
I take my time and aim to make my clients feel relaxed and calm. Customer experience is the key factor in my approach.

So, Why Feet? I hear you ask

In a word... FAMILY!
I have always loved to help people, its in my make up some people say. so, naturally my journey to becoming a Foot Health Practitioner came from helping my family and friends. It began with my husband, who is diabetic, so needs to take extra care and be more mindful of his feet as diabetics are at higher risk of foot problems. Then I progressed to help other members of my family and friends with hard working feet or unable to reach their feet for one reason or another . So I decided to get trained, learn to do this properly so I can offer the best care for the people I love. With their encouragement this grew in to my business and here I am.


Picture of Megan - Trainee Foot Health Practitioner

Hi Everyone

Hi I'm Meg, the newest employee here at heel2toes! Don't worry you're not seeing double! As Vicky's daughter I'm proud to be a part of her team providing excellent footcare services to our clients, I continue the passion for the job after seeing the difference good footcare can make to peoples lives. I look forward to meeting you and starting your footcare journey!